Soil Remedy:

Soil Remedy Inoculant is formulated to help reduce soil compaction, soil erosion and to
enhance water penetration. They are soil treatments that possess moisture retention
agents that may help to improve soil conditions, increase water penetration and to help
reduce moisture stress. This will allow increased crop production through better water
utilization and plant nutrition.
Soil Remedy Inoculant utilize Mll Soap and Mll Neutralizer to increase the permeability
of hydrophobic soils and helps hydrophobic types of soils to hold water.
Soil Remedy will reduce soil erosion by reducing water runoff with hydrophobic soils.
The inoculant allows greater water penetration per cubic foot and increase water reten-
tion and increases the uptake of micro-nutrients in the soil through the use of humic acids.
Soil Remedy can be applied to all types of now and field crops, trees and vines.
They may be dispersed with existing irrigation systems or may be mixed with liquid fer-
tilizer and used as a pre-plant injection. They may also be used as a post plant side dress-
ing or may be dispersed by ground or aerial broadcasting. Soil Remedy Soil Inoculant will
not evaporate and will remain stable on the soil surface for up to 3 weeks, until irrigation
or cultivation draws them into the soil.
Usage & Application
Soil Remedy Soil Inoculant is to be used as part of a normal soil remediation program.
For best results, dilute with water.
To obtain even coverage with a broadcast sprayer or irrigation system, use 1 gallon of
Soil Remedy Soil Inoculant diluted with 20 gallons of water or other fertilizer for every 8
Garden and House Plants:
Dilute 2 oz. of Soil Remedy with 1 gallon of water for soil drench or spray.
Note: Do NOT use Soil Remedy Soil Inoculant with fungicides.

Waste and Odor Remedy

For Commercial and Agricultural Use:

The Environmental Solution’s Microbial Waste and Odor Remedy is specifically formulated to correct a wide variety of waste and odor problems, including:


·         Waste lagoons

·         Stacked animal waste

·         Poultry operations

·         Swine farms

·         Dairies, dairy product processing

·         Food processing and grease traps

·         Municipal and septic systems and MORE!


Due to the wide variety of use and the wide ranging variations in severity of areas to be treated, specific application rates and procedures are best determined on a case by case basis.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help with your needs.

Lake & Pond Remedy

The Environmental Solution’s Lake and Pond Remedy, an organic enzyme bacterial system, cleans water and manages odor. Created for ponds, lagoons, and control of  algae, animal waste, including (but not limited to) poultry, swine, and cattle.

Benefits of using The Environmental Solution’s Lake and Pond Remedy:


·         Manages odors

·         Break down solid waste

·         Promote composting

·         Reduce flies and mosquitoes

·         Aids in disease control

·         Promotes healthy work environments


Treatment of lagoons, stock tanks, or ponds affiliated with animals, including (but not limited to) poultry, swine, or cattle.Application Rate: Mix 2 gallons The Environmental Solution’s Lake and Pond Remedy for each acre of surface area with an adequate amount of water and repeat in 4 to 6 weeks. Spray around edges and in the center of pond or lagoon.For excessive algae growth a third application may be necessary.This form of treatment does not require a specific ratio of Microbes to water. However, water is always needed to activate Microbes.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help with application procedures.

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